·         The Confucius Institute at McMaster University

o           Web page

o           Backgrounder (in English, & in Chinese)

o           Administered through the Faculty of Humanities (Dean: Dr. Suzanne Crosta)

o           Director Chair (院长教席): Dr. Angela Sheng (from School of the Arts, McMaster)

o           Chinese Director (中方院长): Dr. Min Cheng (from Beijing Language and Culture University, 北京语言大学)

o           Photo of a welcome dinner in July 2009

§             Front row (adults, from left to right): Li Li, YanLai Zhang, Suzanne Crosta, Angela Sheng, and Min Cheng

o           Personnels:

§             Dr. Angela SHENG (, TSH 726), specializing in art history

§             Dr. Min CHENG (成敏,, TSH 725), specializing in Chinese literature

§             Dr. Yan-Lai ZHANG (张燕来,, specializing in linguistics

§             Miss Li LI (李莉,, program teaching assistant

§             Miss Hui-Hui BI (毕慧慧), teaching assistant

§             Miss Qian GUO (郭乾), teaching assistant

o           Position Available for an Administrative Secretary

o           Events organized by CI:

§             Opening ceremony, Dec 19, 2008

1.         McMaster Daily News

2.         Hamilton Spectator

§             Chinese Culture Week, Oct 13-16, 2009

o           Events sponsored by CI:

§             A Mid-autumn Festival Variety Show in Toronto

1.         Poster for the show

2.         Program