The first Multi-disciplinary Symposium

  • Time: Thursday, September the 3rd, 9:00-1:00pm
  • Venue: Engineering Lounge, JHE-A114, McMaster University
  • Speakers: All members of ACPM
  • Audience: Anyone who is interested
  • Language: English


Discussion Forum:

China Today from a Canadian Perspective, June 24, 2008

Announcement in English

Announcement in both English and Chinese

Announcement in Chinese, in htm, pdf, and doc format


Video recording of the entire event


Media Coverages:

·          Hamilton Spectator, web link & pdf of the paper

·          McMaster Daily News, web link,

·          CCL Chinese Journal, 嘉华时報, copy

·          CHCH TV, CHCH News at Eleven, June 24, 2008





·        Slides show by Gu XU, “Travel across the land of Africa”, organized by Zhou XING, April 2008

·        Performance by Choirs of McMaster Chinese Professors and Chinese Professionals from Hamilton & Burlington, Organized by Zhou XING, Fan Yang, & Wei SUN, et al.

o       Chinese New Year Celebration, February, 2006